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    Water Heater Repair

    Water Heater Repair & Installation In Denver Colorado

    Water Heater Repair

    Water Heater Repair, Installation and Replacement

    Serving homes and businesses across Denver Colorado, Med Air Pro can send a technician to your home 24 hours a day to diagnose any problem, provide maintenance, and ensure your comfort. and financing. Installing a new water heater has many benefits, so once we complete the job, you’ll likely benefit from:
    • Increased Efficiency: Newer hot water heaters consume less energy and heat water more efficiently. Energy Factor ratings, which measure the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel, are improved as well.
    • Reduced Space: We can install a more compact electric water heater, while tankless water heaters save the most space; they are small enough to mount on a wall and can be tucked away in a closet. This leaves room for additional storage in your home

    Why Choose Med Air Pro ?

    Water Heater Leak Repair

    Even if you have a small leak in your water heater, it can cause a tremendous amount of damage. It must be addressed quickly. In many cases, leaks repairing without replacing your water heater. The first objective is to find where the leak is coming from. Cleaning up the spillage is important in avoiding damage and mold, but the problem won’t go away if it’s not addressed at the source. If the water heater is leaking, turn off the water, shut off its power or gas source, and check the unit. Common sources of leaks include the pipe inlet/outlet, pressure relief valve, drain valve, or a crack in the bottom of the tank. If the inbound water pressure is too high, this can cause a problem as well. A professional technician can perform any repair. 

    Water Heater Maintenance

    Maintenance can boost the performance, efficiency, and longevity of water heaters. One of the most important routine tasks is to flush a water heater of sediment and debris that can build up in the tank and water lines. Eventually these can clog up the appliance and cause serious damage. One water heater flush per year is included in our Protection Plan. You also get a transferrable plan, discounts on repairs, and priority installation. Other important forms of water heater maintenance include adjusting the water temperature, testing the temperature-pressure-release valve, and insulating the pipe to prevent condensation. Insulating the water tank can improve efficiency and performance. Fortunately, each water heater technician that works for Med Air Pro is familiar with maintenance, so can address tasks you may no equipping to deal with.

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    In conclusion, Don’t risk attempting to install or repair a water heater yourself. From professional installation, repair, and maintenance to free estimates, to a lifetime warranty, Med Air Pro is the #1 company in Denver Colorado to trust for water heater service. We even offer in-house financing with affordable monthly payments and low interest rates. All major credit cards are accepted. Call  1-720-369-7063for information, a free quote, or emergency service, or submit your zip code to check immediately if we service your area.

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