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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair In Denver Colorado

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair Orange County

Whether you are dealing with a clogged sink, blade issue, or having trouble getting power to your garbage disposal, your local Med Air Pro plumbing specialist can fix just about anything. Garbage disposal problems often seem small at first but grow into bigger issues when left alone. No matter the manufacturer or disposal type, Med Air Pro has the correct tools and parts to get the job done in a speedy manner. We understand the stress such a problem can cause. Our specialists therefore do their best to solve the issue quickly, while keeping you, the customer happy, if your garbage disposal:
  • Is Jammed, Gets Stuck, Doesn’t Drain, Makes Strange Sounds, Is Humming, There Is No Noise, Doesn’t Turn On

Why Choose Med Air Pro ?

What Causes Garbage Disposal Clogs?

Your garbage disposal can get clogged even if you take good care of it. Oftentimes a buildup of grease, fat, and fibrous materials from vegetable peels can clog the unit up over time. These will immediately cause the motor to jam, but you can avoid serious damage turning the garbage disposal off when you realize it is jammed. Hard food matter is more demanding on the system, so it may be best to throw it away rather than risk harming the disposal system. A clog may also be caused a lack of water. Run the faucet while the device is grinding; otherwise waste may build up until it fully blocks the pipes. If your garbage disposal gets clogged, the problem may very well be with the drain line or drain trap assembly underneath, causing water to back up into the sink. 

Quick Fixes

Sometimes an issue can arise because food that’s too large is washed down the sink. To avoid problems, use a strainer while cleaning dishes. It can decrease the amount of work your garbage disposal will have to do. But if it is too late, there may be a quick solution to your issue. Sometimes a quick cleaning or reset will fix the problem! First, make sure to unplug your garbage disposal (the plug is usually located underneath the sink). Then stick your hand down the sink drain. Be aware it may stink and check any food, silverware, or broken dishes inside. Once everything seems clear, plug the garbage disposal back in and try to see if it works again. 

Garbage Disposal Tips

The best way to keep your garbage disposal working is to prevent problems from happening. In most cases, you can avoid a jam or clog. It all comes down to what you put down the garbage disposal. These tips provide a breakdown of items that are safe to put down and those you should avoid.
  • Things You Can Put Down Your Garbage Disposal: Items that can safely be discarded via your garbage disposal include soft food matter, such as bread, white rice, bananas, canned fish or poultry, and chopped vegetables and fruit. Vegetable ends are fine. You can even put some ice cubes down there occasionally to clean the garbage disposal, along with some dishwashing soap to clear any odors.

Let MedAirPro Handle Your Garbage Disposal Repair

At Med Air Pro, we pride ourselves in our ability to fix your problem the first time and prevent any other issues from happening later. If you are experiencing any trouble with your garbage disposal, please try the above steps. Also, avoid putting down the items we have listed. But when garbage disposal problems occur, feel free to reach out to our repair specialists. At MedAirPro, we provide quality service for a reasonable price, including a quick diagnosis and fast and effective repairs that leave your garbage disposal running properly, efficiently, and safely. Call us at 1-720-369-7063 or book an appointment on the web to get started.

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