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Denver Furnace Repair

Denver Furnace Repair Services In Colorado

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Med Air Pro : The #1 Denver Furnace Repair To Trust

There’s never a good time for a clogged drain, faulty valve, or burst water pipe, and such problems tend to happen when you’re getting ready for work or in the middle of daily chores. Sensitive to the needs of homeowners in Colorado, we can quickly dispatch skilled technicians to your home. Our technicians are always honest, professional, and courteous. Med Air Pro plumbing is licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re proud to offer 24-hour/emergency plumbing service in your area. Whether you need immediate toilet repair, have a burst pipe, or there are signs of a slab leak, our team can quickly identify the source of the problem and perform the appropriate repairs. We are the installation, replacement, and maintenance professional to trust for all your plumbing needs.

Why Choose Med Air Pro ?

Why Choose Med Air Pro ?

We are the #1 HVAC company serving Denver, Colorado Professional installation, repairs, and maintenance, including indoor air quality and improvements, are managed by our experienced HVAC technicians. In addition to competitive pricing and quality guaranteed, we offer warranties of up to 12 years. We also aim to make our products and services affordable, with various financing options to meet your needs. Feel free to book an IAQ appointment online or call us at  1-720-369-7063.

Components of an AC System

AC systems are complex and multifunctional, which is why you need a professional to install all the components. The basic components of the typical system include:
  • Ductwork: Air ducts distribute air from the AC system to the various rooms in your home, which enters through vents.
  • Compressors: Process refrigerant into a high-pressure gaseous form; cooling this gas provides the cool air for home comfort.
  • Filters: An air filter removes dust and other contaminants in all the air that passes through your HVAC system.
  • Motors: The blower motor forces air through all the ducts and vents connected to your HVAC system and into your home.
  • Air Handlers: Indoor components that use a blower to evenly circulate cooled air throughout your home.
  • Evaporator Coils: Draw heat out of refrigerant that passes through the system, lowering coolant temperature and therefore that of the air.
Thermostats, although they may seem like separate components, are an integral part of your AC system. Newer versions include digital thermostats you can program to set a schedule for heating and cooling. Reliable Honeywell thermostats are installed by our technicians. A Wi-Fi thermostat (Honeywell or Google Nest) can be controlled from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Tips for Lowering Your Cooling Costs

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of our most effective options for lowering cooling costs. You can set the unit to automatically provide warmer temperatures at night or during the workday, so energy and costs aren’t wasted on unnecessary cooling. Other tips for lowering cooling costs include:
  • Installing attic insulation: Thicker insulation can prevent warmed air from rising through your roof and out of your home. It also keeps in cool air during warmer months.
  • Sealing your ducts: Leaky ductwork wastes energy. We can seal ducts and add insulation in exposed areas to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning
  • Using energy-efficient window coverings: Efficient window coverings such as blinds, shades, and special window film can prevent air from escaping through the glass.
Also, look for ENERGY STAR certified equipment. It is designed to strict standards, to operate using less energy, and significantly reduce energy costs.

AC Units and Brands

The Med Air Pro brand of HVAC equipment offers efficiency, quiet performance, and integrated diagnostics systems. From air handlers with variable speed motors to multi-speed gas furnaces, to variable-speed, energy efficient air conditioners, we use only top-of-the-line equipment. MedAirPro also provides exceptional service whether you need maintenance or emergency repairs. We offer comprehensive a maintenance plan that covers annual tune-ups and inspections. Warranties up to 12 years help save on costs as well. And when you require AC repair or replacement, you can depend on the best in the industry. We install all types of HVAC equipment and help ensure it lasts as long as it’s designed to. To learn more about our air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services, continue browsing our website or call 1-720-369-7063 for a free quote or more information.

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