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Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air Conditioning Repair Services In Denver Colorado

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair in Denver Colorado

How do you know if you need an AC repair or if it’s time to replace the system? What are some common AC problems, and can you diagnosis an air conditioner problem yourself? At MedAirPro, we believe the more you know about air conditioning and heating repair, the more likely you are to choose us as your air conditioning service company! We are Google Certified for Home Services in Southern California and all our employees are background checked and verified. Our repair technicians have been hand-picked to ensure we have the best in the industry. Each is highly knowledgeable and communicative, so can help you understand the problem and the best solutions to fix it. They respect your home so you can be confident in their abilities and that any AC problem will be resolved quickly. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our service so, if the issue comes back, you’ll know we’ll be there to resolve it with no questions asked.

Why Choose Med Air Pro ?

Common AC Problems and Causes

Many things can go wrong with an air conditioner, and there are numerous underlying causes. Most common air conditioning problems fall into three broad categories.

Not Cooling Properly

Normal wear and tear can affect cooling performance, but there are a few common issues that prevent an air conditioner from maintaining the desired temperature.
  • Dirty Filters. One of the most common problems, a dirty filter can increase energy consumption, cause frozen evaporator coils, and can contribute to unhealthy indoor Fortunately, these issues are preventable by cleaning and replacing your AC filter often.
  • Refrigerant: Your AC unit may have old, ineffective refrigerant or coolant may have dissipated or leaked out. A normal amount of refrigerant is required for proper cooling performance.
  • Sensor Problems: Your air conditioner contains numerous sensors that relay information. Over time, they can start sending false readings, causing an AC to work less reliably and efficiently.
  • Thermostat Issues: Your thermostat may not be properly reading the accurate air temperature, causing your system to “think” it is running properly when it is not.

Benefits of AC Repair

Rest assured that when Med Air Pro technicians arrive at your home, their truck will be stocked with the parts most frequently prone to failure. Also We carry replacement parts including blower motors, compressors, wirings, filters, refrigerant tanks and refills, trim kits, and more. Most common AC repairs can be done in one trip. Repairing your AC avoids having to spend on replacing it. It can also save on energy costs because a faulty air conditioner can waste more power while trying to achieve the same temperature. In addition to eliminating power drain, repairs help make your home or office more comfortable. Even a simple tune up can result in higher efficiency, cleaner air, and improved reliability. At MedAirPro, we offer unbeatable service plans to ensure your AC gets the attention it needs.

Is Air Conditioning Repair Enough?

Repairing your air conditioning system has many benefits, but it does have its limits. Our service technicians have a great deal of experience with different AC systems and can inform you when more than a simple repair is necessary. Eventually, you might want to consider central units to replace your traditional system. It all depends on various factors. So, what should you consider when deciding if an AC repair is “good enough”? Keep in mind the following factors:
  • The age of the unit. As your AC unit edges toward 20 years old, it is likely reaching the end of its lifespan.
  • Energy efficiency. Once units reach 15 years of age, they should be considered a candidate for replacement, based on energy savings alone.
  • Frequency of repairs. Frequent repairs can be frustrating, expensive, and create an uncomfortable, warm home.

Why Contact MedAirPro for Your AC Repair

In conclusion, With Med Air Pro, you always have the final say on your air conditioning repair or replacement. Our HVAC contractors will offer the best diagnosis of your AC unit and they will take all the necessary steps to keep it running as efficiently as possible. They will guide you through your options and probable outcomes. At Med Air Pro, also we offer emergency service on AC repairs, whether you have a traditional, rooftop, or ductless system. If a replacement is necessary, we have finance plans available to help you afford efficient top-of-the-line systems. Our warranty, up to 12 years, is the best in the business and provides additional peace of mind. To take advantage of our $68 tune-up special or to schedule a free repair estimate, call us at 1-720-369-7063. Med Air Pro proudly serves Colorado from our offices in Denver Colorado. For your next air and heating repair, contact Med Air Pro today!

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